Reviews, kind of

Reviews are tricky. Writing a good review is hard. Ever hear of the Bad Lip Reading video series? These are kind of like that. Bad book reviews aren’t reviews of bad books nor are they written to be critical. The point of this blog isn’t to flex my literary muscle or to point out the mistakes I think others have made. Instead, I write Bad Book Reviews to provide a review that highlights what I love about the books (mostly fantasy) that I read. As a result, these reviews are basically fun advertisements for books I enjoy.

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Fantasy, mostly

I love this genre. Hopefully, these reviews spark some interest in you, my readers, and encourage you to explore some books you may have otherwise not read. Some of the giants of the genre like Joe Abercrombie, Robin Hobb, and Patrick Rothfuss may be familiar. There are some great independently published authors like Andy Peloquin, Tiger Herbert, and Angel Haze that have written some stories no fan of the genre should miss. I will alternate reviews to provide a good blend of well known and newer authors. Some of the books I post about are pretty old. Some are brand new.

I love reading obscure works by well-known authors because sometimes I read a book by an author and see a side of that person that I’ve never seen before. This is because all art is an extension of the artist. The best examples of these extensions hide inside books that may not be that popular.

Again, please forgive me for being a fanboy. I know some of these authors personally, some I’ve only met online or at a conference, and others I hope to meet one day. They are my colleagues. I want to shine a little light on the good work they do.

I aim to do one of these a month. Please enjoy and let me know what you think with a Tweet or an e-mail.