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When a teenaged Anuka Sandbar, criminally handsome half-goblin, visits the world’s most famous Orc brothel only the sort of fun Anuka is known for can ensue. This short story is an introduction to the beloved hero of the Dragons of Dorwine Series. 

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The Vustaan Incident

Chapter 1

The spring air was warm and sweet as it caressed her face. Wild daisies and primrose dotted the fields surrounding the cottages she raced over. She cast a massive shadow over the land as she blurred past, wings flared.

A thunderous rumble rolled through her belly as she caught the scent of a large herd of cattle, their blood calling to her. But she was not an undisciplined young Wyrm, impetuous and greedy, so she resisted the urge to circle back for a quick snack. With one flap of her powerful, leathery wings the ground sloped away suddenly and she was soaring above a verdant valley where rocky cliffs plummeted.


She glided circuitously around the basin to look at the unfolding scene below.

Small hillocks to the right of the burgeoning stream were devoid of trees. Across the stream lay a large patch of wild cardinal flowers, where regal shafts jutted up from the ground, displaying brilliant red flower petals. Though she was still too far away, she could smell their sweet nectar, if only in her mind.

Two more concentric loops and she landed gently among the crimson bed of flowers. Hummingbirds scattered at her arrival.

This was her favorite spot in all the world.


The Dragons of Dorwine Series is narrated by award winning narrator Michael Kramer.

Some of Michael’s other narrations include Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series, many works by Brandson Sanderson (Stormlight Archive and The Mistborn Series), as well as many other titles.


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