Bad Book Reviews – The Crown Tower – Riyira Chronicles Book 1

The Crown Tower

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan is the first of six books in the Riyira Chronicles Series. In true BBR fashion, I love these books! (Remember, not bad books, just bad reviews). But this doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

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The series centers on a duo of expert thieves: Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn. Hadrian is a swordsman of exquisite skill, rivaled only by his humility. Royce is a bit of a grumpy guy, but no less an expert at his craft. They take impossible jobs and complete them with professionalism.

The Crown Tower is about a job they never should have taken that puts them on a path that will forever change their lives. Why do I love this book? It’s a buddy cop fantasy with elements of heists and highly skilled characters. These aren’t noobs learning which end of the sword to stick in the bad guy. Hadrian and Royce are pros. The buddy cop trope is so well done. One day, I want to write Lethal Weapon in a fantasy world. The Eye of a Dragon was supposed to have some of those vibes (along with a strong heist plotline) but it fell through.

I recommend you pick up The Crown Tower today. It is a fun, feel-good adventure.

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