The Blood of a Dragon

The Blood of a Dragon DOD Book 1

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Anuka Sandbar is the most interesting half-goblin alive. Just ask him.

Anuka’s father is a ship captain, retired Naval Commander, and genius engineer. Anuka is just a daring, handsome, witty, red-skinned, dagger-wielding entertainer. When Papa disappears, Anuka sets out to find him. While sailing to a sleazy port city to begin his search, Anuka and some unlikely companions are enslaved by pirates.

They wind up the property of an emissary for the Silver DragonLord, Shimmer. The emissary offers them manumission if they discover the source of massive amounts of illegal DragonsBlood flooding the country. DragonsBlood is the most valuable currency on the continent and is the source of all magic in the land.

With different Dragon factions on the precipice of war, revealing the truth could mean the destruction of the mortal civilization.

What will these unlikely heroes do when their failure means enslavement but their success could lead to a war between the gods?

You can now buy Book 1 of The Dragons of Dorwine series, The Blood of a Dragon, on Amazon in e-book, paperback, hardback, and Audible audiobook formats. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited to read for FREE if you have a KU subscription. Click HERE to buy The Blood of a Dragon now.

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