Humble Beginnings

Since reading R.A. Salvatore’s Homeland the week it was released I knew I wanted to write fantasy. The characters at the heart of those stories came to life as I lay balled up in the corner in an old chair. After meeting Bob at a book signing and discussing my love for writing his advise was, “well, write something or put the idea out of your head. It will drive you nuts, otherwise.” He wasn’t wrong.

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The Dragonlance Chronicles, Darkwalker on MoonShae, Troy Denning’s The Prism Pentad, were the foundation for my love of fantasy writing. If you haven’t checked these out you should.

Another important part of my love for fantasy is the Dungeons and Dragons. roleplaying game. Through D&D I learned to love the process of developing characters and stories. Hours of telling stories and growing characters with my friends bred a deep love for exciting, dangerous tales of heroism.

Many years and stacks of paperbacks later, I began to write my own fantasy stories and explore my own worlds. I am finally coming to a place in life where I am ready to share those stories. I hope you enjoy my stories and I hope we can go on some exciting journeys together.

D&D isn’t my only RPG passion. I used to love the old TSR Top Secret and Top Secret S.I. games. I was very glad when Top Secret NWO was released and I’m still holding out for Spycraft 3 (looking at you CraftyGames!) Although not epic fantasy, I have written several stories in this modern or urban fantasy setting that I will share over time.

Feel free to poke around, read some of my blog posts, or maybe buy something! I pray that my love for fantasy can enrich your life bring you some joy.