A Bad Book Review – Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

Peace TalksPeace talks is Jim Butcher’s sixteenth release in his Urban Fantasy series The Dresden Files. Sixteen books in and I still love this series. The Dresden Files have been a lot of fun, so far. Also fun is watching Jim Butcher grow as an author and find his voice with this character. Look out for another Bad Book Review of Butcher’s much heralded Battle Ground.

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The Break

There has been a seven-year hiatus between Skin Game and the much-anticipated Peace Talks release. A lot of that was because of personal issues Jim has been enduring. I have to wonder if another big part of it isn’t that Mr. Butcher is tired of the character.

I heard Gene Simmons asked one time how much he hated “Rock n’ Roll All Nite“. To my surprise, he said he loved it. He said that song has made him hundreds of millions of dollars. And he said he would sing it every day if he had to. That’s interesting. I’ve often wondered how sick Bob Salvator is of Drizzt Do’Urden. But I’ve also heard Bob say that he loves him. I would say that Jim Butcher loves Harry Dresden. But sometimes he doesn’t like him very much.

This book! Wow. There was a little rust and a few themes kept cropping up that made me scratch my head. But Peace Talks felt like an old friend after a long time apart. Jim Butcher brought back a ton of favorite characters, a la Avengers Infinity War style. This is where Butcher really shines. His characters are top-shelf. Thomas, Murphy, Molly, and Mouse. I like Harry’s dog more than I like some people.

The Review

Without entering spoiler territory, Butcher is faced with the same dilemma of all authors who write long series of books. Villains. Instead of reheating the old standbys, you have to keep coming up with greater and greater challenges. Peace Talks does this. The Fomor have been poking around for a bit and finally rear there ugly (literally, hideous) faces. They are nasty.

Peace Talks is a great, high RPM, ramp up for the double-clutch. Battlegrounds comes out this month and Peace Talks sets it up perfectly. Foes, old and new. Friends you thought were foes. Foes you thought were friends. Ah, the romping fun of Jim Butcher and the Dresden Files.