Indie Author Spotlight – JA Andrews

Indie Author JA Andrews recently put her Keeper Chronicles series audiobook set on sale and I snagged it.

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I have been really enjoying A Threat of Shadows. It’s fun, engaging, and contains all of the fantasy tropes we love to see; wizards, elves, dwarves, and magical mysteries (maybe even a dragon!).

Alaric is a Keeper, guardian of magical secrets and powerful knowledge. He is on a quest to save the woman he loves from a horrible death. Alaric betrayed everything he believed to save Evangeline — and failed. However, he has one last chance to find a hidden artifact and save his wife before she is lost forever.

This book is a great introduction to a fascinating world.

The Keepers Origin, Book 1 was just released.

Indie Author JA Andrews - Dragon's Reach

“The origin of the Keepers is intrinsically connected to the creation of Queensland, and her very first queen. Back in the days where independent holdings existed in near isolation from each other, a looming threat grew in the east. And those destined to shape a nation came together, almost by chance.”


-from The Origin of the Keepers, by Alaric, Court Keeper, in the 391st year of Queensland.

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