How to get free audiobooks

FREE AUDIOBOOKS sounds like clickbait, but I’m serious. There are lots of ways to legitimately get amazing free audiobooks. This is a pirate free zone. If you are looking to steal, filch, or pilfer move along. Let’s look at a few.

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This…is Audible

You don’t normally think of Audible as a source for free stuff, but it’s not a horrible first option. If you have an Audible membership you have access to lots of free audiobooks. I know, not really free if you are paying for a membership, but I didn’t know about the popular books they offered free to members for almost a year after I joined.

They also have a section called “Free Listens”. These section is filled with free audiobooks. No membership or login required. Mostly it’s classics but they also have a good mix of contemporary stuff available. Check it out!

This next section should be a no brainer but I have discovered that many people rarely think about their public library as a resource.

I know what you are thinking and–while you can still go get the 35 CD set of Stephen King’s IT from your local library–I’m thinking of much more modern means of listening.

But we mean FREE

Digital services like Overdrive (a.k.a. Libby) and Hoopla are a wonderful way to listen to free audiobooks. All you need to use these services is a library card from your local library. In Kentucky, I am a member of all public libraries in the state by having a library card in one.

A great feature about using public libraries for free audiobooks is that the authors of those books still get paid. That’s right. If you check out The Blood of a Dragon from your library (with Libby or Hoopla) I get a commission. Very cool. Libby has a cool feature that let’s you read e-books on your Kindle device, for those who read that way.

BookFunnel and StoryOrigin

Last on my list are BookFunnel and StoryOrigin. You can use Audible to hear books from long-dead folks, or listen to the latest book from your favorite NY Times Bestseller on Libby, or you can find your next Indie gem on these wonderful services. BookFunnel and StoryOrigin are tools for authors to distribute books (and do many other cool things) to connect with their readers. I’ll focus on StoryOrigin.

Free Audiobooks are just a few clicks away. Many authors, myself included, offer free audioboooks for review. You get a copy of the full audiobook that is yours forever. We only ask you to leave an honest review on one or more of the major book sales platforms (Audible, GoodReads, BookBub, etc). Click the link, sign up, and browse away.

Honorable mentions

I know there are tons of other sites that offer free audiobooks, but I’m staying in my lane on this one. I know these sources are legit and that the authors of the books are getting proper credit. There may be other sites that offer access to great books.

YouTube has become a popular place to listen. Authors are posting their books there and monetizing their channels. Just beware of illegally uploaded books.

Insert shameless plug here. If you want to purchase the first book in my Dragons of Dorwine series, The Blood of a Dragon, you can get it here.

It was narrated by the incomparible Michael Kramer of Wheel of Time and Stormlight Archive fame.

It is also available through the library system. If it doesn’t show as available through your library you can request your library purchase it with a click of a button. I love libraries and have priced my books very cheap for them.