Oprhan X

Bad Book Review – Orphan X

Oprhan X

Orphan X is next as I’ve been plowing through the usual suspects in the genre I call ‘guys with guns’. Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills have all been sampled. Now it’s the Orphan series’s turn.

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The premise is a black ops organization filled with orphans selected and trained to be killers for the government. Evan Smoak (I know, right?) has left the Orphan program after a terrible thing happened. As a result, he’s a man with resources, skills, and a desire to help people.

Self titled as “The Nowhere Man”, Orphan X (or ten) helps people with serious problems. If someone is threatening to leak unsavory images of you onto the web just call The Nowhere Man. Or if Drug dealers are making your sister an unwilling drug mule? Call The Nowhere Man. The problem is, he doesn’t advertise on Facebook or X (though maybe he should). His services are referral based only. If the Nowhere Man helps you, his only price is that you promise to refer someone in need to him.

Very cool premise and very well written. I love the prose and the slow character development. Undergirding this unlikely hero plot is that fact that he’s being hunted by the program he left. Other Orphans hunt him.

Will the other Orphans get to Evan, or will be prove to them he is the best?

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